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Rakaly Status Report #10: Survey Results and User Statistics

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Rakaly’s first user questionnaire is now closed. Thank you to the 20 people who took to the time to fill out the survey. Here are some of the results:

Part of me wished that I had created a viral post to share (like the one about trade companies), so that I could advertise the survey and get a larger sample size.

To combat downsides of surveys and a low sample size, Rakaly detects user events like “we parsed a save, we melted a save, we opened the casualty table”. Knowing actions is invaluable for feature planning, as it seems reasonable that I would spend more time fine tuning popular visualizations. The good news is that I’m stickler for privacy so everything is self-hosted and there is no user tracking, so GDPR is not even a question.

Some insights from running analytics for only a week (no idea if this is typical):

With all this data what are my thoughts on the future:

CK3 Melting Status

A quick note on CK3. With the help from the developer behind the savegame toolbox, pdxu, Rakaly can melt ironman CK3 saves such that they are continuable in game. This means that it might not be a bad idea to expose a CK3 tab on Rakaly for people to convert their CK3 saves online. Since the survey showed interest in supporting additional games was low, I may mull over the best way to implement this so it doesn’t affect the core EU4 experience, but since the functionality is already implemented there aren’t a lot of reasons to not expose CK3 in Rakaly.

Feel free to get in contact via Discord or hi [(at)] rakaly.com