A modern EU4 savefile analyzer for the browser. Maps, graphs, and data await. Upload and share.

Open Rakaly


Pan, zoom, and click around as if EU4 was played within Google Maps

Toggle different map modes and export the map

Click on provinces to see details, such as how many times a province has been devved and by whom, when buildings were constructed, and when the province traded hands

EU4 political map simulated in Rakaly


Visualize the wealth of data contained within a save with immersive graphs

See how your nation compares to others in income, nation size, inflation, and mana usage

Uncover AI playstyles -- see where they spend their money (or where they don't), or which idea groups they select

Screenshot of income graph when analyzing a save


Drill down into the many interactive tables to find key insights

Who is disinheriting heirs? What Great Men events remain? What percentage of casualties in a war is from attrition? What was the bloodiest or longest war?

Data nerds, prepare to be delighted

Screenshot of an interactive data table

BYOB (Bring your own browser)

All analysis takes place within your browser with unparalleled speed, so no downloads needed and one isn't slowed by the speed of the server or upload connection

No save is uploaded unless you decide to, so analyze those failed runs with impunity

Upload a save today and it will receive enchancements automatically as Rakaly is updated to expose more insights


Melting Support

Rakaly can convert (aka melt) ironman and binary saves into normal saves so that one can easily inspect the raw contents

As a bonus the newly converted save can be continued in game as if it was a normal save all along

Screenshot of EU4 showing a melted save being loaded


Have a noteworthy game where you completed an achievement in record time? Upload your save to bask in the glory

With an innovative leaderboard that favors more recent patches, the leaderboard remains fresh for each patch while allowing truly exceptional runs to stand the test of time

Screenshot of the Rakaly leaderboard for an achievement


Rakaly is powered by community use and feedback

Have ideas, questions, or bug reports? Join the discord!

Want to take a peek at the code used to power Rakaly? Core components are open source on Github