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Depth →

Uncover secrets not exposed by the game such as a view of past battles and legendary commanders

Convenience →

Why wait through launching the game to uncover stats when Rakaly is always ready? No account needed. No downloads. No installs

Bad Internet? →

No problem. Save files never leave your computer during the analysis, as it's all driven in the browser locally on your computer

Competition →

Compete for best in game time to complete achievements in a novel decaying leaderboard that favors save files on the most recent patch

Sharing →

Upload your save and share your glory (or mishaps)

Fast →

Rakaly is second to none when it comes to speed. You'll find Rakaly faster than even parsers running directly on hardware

Open →

See the parsing code on Github or stop by for a chat on discord, Rakaly doesn't live in a vacuum

Open Rakaly